26 Tips for CRM Freelancers

Having been a freelancer myself, I know how important it is to have a nice set of tools in your tool belt. CRM is a loosely used term today for what’s better known as customer relationship management. How do you explain that to friends or family though? “Yes, I work in CRM”. It’s easier and makes more sense to people when I tell them CRM is better known to the non-industry folks as software that helps keep track of my friends, business contacts, etc. It’s a software version of a Rolodex (which was before my time anyhow).

Anyhow, let’s get back on track here. I wanted to share a cool article for those who are doing general freelance work and looking for some cool online tools. It’s not necessarily for people in the CRM industry so if CRM isn’t your domain you can still benefit from this article.

4 thoughts on “26 Tips for CRM Freelancers”

  1. CRMDesktop is an enterprise ready groupware software for your business. It enables you to manage contacts, appointments, todos and many more for your whole business.

    CRMDesktop is a groupware server. It comes with a native web-interface which allows to access your data from any platform all over the planet. Moreover you also have the choice to access the CRMDesktop server with your favorite groupware client (Kontact, Evolution, Outlook) and also with your mobile or PDA or Palm.

    CRMDesktop is platform independent. The server runs on Linux, Mac, Windows and many more other operating systems. On the client side, all you need is a internetbrowser such as Firefox, Konqueror, Internet Explorer and many more.

  2. I like your blog but I disagree with your explanation of CRM. CRM is not a software. CRM is a philosophy or strategy that organizations use to build relationships with their customers/constituents/clients. The software is one of many tools.
    Saying CRM is a software is like saying gardening is a shovel. Gardening is a planned way of growing plants. The shovel is one of many tools used to be successful in gardening.

    In my organization we continually fight the perception that CRM is synonymous with our software.

    It’s Customer Relationship Management. Not Customer Data Management.

  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a key business philosophy that centralizes the customer in all interactions. CRM technology supports this philosophy. With the advent of the cloud, CRM applications can be accessed online, with only a web browser and an internet connection. Intelestream has developed intelecrm (www.intelestream.net/intelecrm), an online CRM solution built with freelancers, small and medium sized businesses in mind. The unique pricing model provides a flat fee for unlimited users. This means that even freelancers can be actively involved with the CRM, making a powerful tool.

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