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CRM is a great technology when used properly. When it’s not, it can cause more trouble than good which is usually not the case. Regardless, millions of dollars is spent on implementing and/or maintaining CRM systems every year with the goal to help your sales force better manage their leads and contacts.

Geoffrey James who blogs for bnet, posted the top 5 reasons CRM stinks. Here is a summary of his points:

  1. Too much data entry required – sales people are supposd to be selling, not doing data entry.
  2. Don’t steal my contacts – when new sales reps get hired, they usually bring along a great list of contacts. If they import them into the CRM system, does the new company own the data?
  3. Too much micromanagement – CRM systems provide great reporting for sales manager. Should the sales reps suffer if he/she meets his quota early in the quarter?
  4. My computer sells better than me – many CRM implentations are hardwired with a new sales process. Let the sales rep do his own thing.
  5. Too many new systems to learn – why learn this CRM software when we’ll be replacing it in 19 months?

Overall his article is rather interesting and brings up a lot of good points. There are plenty of happy CRM users out there but you don’t always hear about the complaints.  I recommend you read it here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the BNET post with your readers — I’ll be sure to pass your post along to Geoffrey James!

    Leslie Leite
    BNET Community Manager

  2. Some may have negative approach to CRM’s but we have been using it for years now. It really depends whether a user appreciates it or not, but for us, its doing well on our Call center industry.

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