$5,000 Bonus For Siebel Employees!

Salesforce.com announced today a $5,000 signing bonus for current Siebel employees that are hired before December 31st, 2005.

Following the proposed acquisition of Siebel by Oracle, many existing Siebel employees may be concerned about their career prospects. Salesforce.com wants to offer them an alternative to an environment of declining commissions, confused customers and uncertainty around career viability.

Salesforce.com would be delighted to hear from any Siebel employee that would like to join our company that meets their rigorous standard for excellence and dedication to customer success.

Siebel employees can email them for a confidential discussion or meeting with a Salesforce.com executive through siebelsurvivor@salesforce.com 

They will also be holding recruitment events on October 19th in both Boston and San Mateo, at which interested Siebel employees may want to schedule a confidential meeting with Siebel Alumni now working at Salesforce.com.

Please note that most — but not all — Siebel employees are currently eligible for hire at salesforce.com today and that the recruiting department will screen for eligibility.

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