7 Steps to Making a CRM Purchase Decision

Compare CRMI came across a pretty cool CRM information site called CompareCRM.com which has some free tools to help you choose the right CRM solutions. CompareCRM features information about the leading CRM vendors and their website makes it easy to build your CRM shortlist. You’ll find information on the company, key product strengths, modules and more. You can also request a fee demo or trial from most of the vendors.

Their free white papers are packed with tools and advice which will help you negotiate the best CRM deal. Be sure to checkout: “7 Steps to Making a CRM Purchase Decision”, and the “Insider’s Guide to Getting the Best CRM Software Deal”. You’ll have to register for these papers, but they have good information for small and mid-size companies buying CRM software.

Apparently you can also tell CompareCRM your CRM requirements and they will recommend a CRM vendor for you based on your company’s size, functionality requirements, hosted or on-premise needs and budget.

Pretty cool CRM information site overall!

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  1. At Intelestrem, we have written a whitepaper to assist I the difficult task of choosing the right CRM solution for your business. We consider things like: 1) CRM is a business strategy, not just a technology, 2) ROI, 3) Total Cost of Ownership, 4) Use case, 5) Delivery, 6) User Adoption, 7) Migration, 8) Integration, 9) Scalability and 10) Security and Privacy. Additional in depth reading can be done at Intelestream’s web page, whitepapers section, under the name of “10 Considerations before purchasing a CRM”

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