AIMpromote – A Lead Management Solution

For those of you who are looking for a CRM product, you’re probably overwhelmed with the number of choices available today. There is a huge range of solutions and most people just don’t know where to start looking. You could pay thousands of dollars and get a top-notch inhouse solution or subscribe to an on-demand solution which is fully hosted and worry-free. The latest player I’ve come across in the crm software game is a company called AIMpromote.

AIMpromote is an on-demand web-based software application to manage the handling of sales leads. It is essentially a CRM, but is focused particularly on handling leads. There is also the ability to sell leads (lead aggregation business). AIMpromote takes a different approach and focuses more on lead management which for some, is plenty. If you check out their crm features, you’ll see most of them are in the sales lead management section which is great when it comes to lead management.

I have yet to sign-up for their trial but when it comes to sales management software, I’d consider evaluating AIMpromote along with other traditional players. Since they are relatively new and they don’t mention the price on their website, I’d first give them a call to find out more details. Based on the screenshots and feature page, it’s hard to decide if it’s worth the investment without knowing more information. Regardless, for a pure lead management solution they might be the exact solution you’re looking for.

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  1. Check out GoLeads provides a lot of service with online never before, a one solution which give you Telemarketing leads & mailing leads with inbuilt web CRM. you can save your leads, user free crm to track your leads success rate, manage your customers. everything in just few bugs

  2. I am always leary of websites who do not post their pricing or do not make it clear what their pricing includes. I stumbled across a site and the site was clean, straightforward, and refreshing. They have a 30 day trial, no contracts, no set up fees and are only 19.95 monthly……flat. If you go to their feature page it is hard to believe you get all of that for the price.


  3. I would say there is very wide scope for CRM softwares in the industry. No doubt Oracle & SAP are leaders and will stay ahead in the race.

    search engines are still “Learning” to think and duplicate human style of thinking and readin the webpage and it will take more time for them to become perfect.

  4. Lead Management Includes : –
    1) Lead Organization
    Catalogue and priortize leads as you define (geography, potential business, etc.) to focus your sales strategy.
    2) Prospect Organizational Maps
    Map prospect contacts into a relationship matrix to better understand their decision-making process
    3) Data Collection Tools
    Qualify prospects with user-defined data collections tools
    4) Delegate Leads
    Track leads delegated / shared with team members
    5) Task and Appointments Scheduling
    Manage sales prospecting activities
    6) Research Tools
    Integrated access to popular research tools, including search engines and Wikipedia
    7) Import lead databases
    Manage multiple lead sources (advertising, partners, web site, etc.)
    8) Advance search
    Filter search results from the lead database as you need to quickly locate propsects
    9) Lead Tag
    Tags that you define provide instant access to specific leads

  5. For a better business growth every organization or industry needs a lead management system & solution.Most of the top industries needs the best lead trading platform for its CRM management & to generate more & more leads.

  6. For an effective business lead generation it is prior important to have a CRM software along with the dealer lead management solution.It is right that web based CRM helps a lot in converting sales into leads,but it helps in building customers satisfaction level & managing an industry.

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