Autoresponders – 5 Keys to Make Them Work For You

One of the most basic of tools that every internet marketer needs to
utilize is the autoresponder. If you are trying to make money on the
internet and you’re not using an autoresponder, you are really missing
the mark. This article will describe the essentials of an autoresponder
and how you can use one to help you succeed in your online business.

of all, it is important to understand what your autoresponder really
is. Many people think of them as an automatic responder to customer
needs (hence the name -autoresponder), but to stop there is really not
giving them their full credit. To fully utilize your autoresponder, you
need to begin seeing them as your own personal sales force. This sales
force though, unlike their human counterpart, will never tire, works
24/7, doesn’t need a raise every year and NEVER calls in sick.

The next thing you need to remember about your autoresponder is that
it is only as useful as the person who trains it. Who trains your
autoresponder? You do, of course!

When someone communicates with
you through email or an opt-in sign in form, they are telling you that
they are interested in what you have to offer. It doesn’t matter if you
are selling a product or service, when that initial contact is made,
that person is declaring that they are open to receive your "pitch".
Think of it as a potential customer walking through your shop’s front
door. If you have trained your sales staff correctly, they will know
what needs to happen next -they need to sell!

Remember what I
said earlier about your autoresponder being your own personal sales
force? When that initial contact is made, your "Sales Team" needs to
step in, educate your prospect about your product(s), convince them of
their need for the product(s) and then attempt to close the deal, which
of course, leads to money in your pocket. The wonderful thing about
internet marketing though, is that all of this can take place while you
(the owner of the business) sleep, vacation, take in a movie with your
family or essentially do anything else other than interact personally
with this prospect. And it all happens automatically!

Now, when I
say "automatically", that does not mean "all by itself". There is no
magic potion for autoresponders, you still have to initially set it up
to do what you want it to do. Remember, you have to "train" your sales
force, which means you must set up the automatic messages that you want
to send to your prospects. Follow these 5 key elements and you will be
on your way to online success.

-Most autoresponders allow you to put the recipient’s name right into
the title and in the message body itself by simply adding **NAME**, or
~~NAME~~, or <

> where you want their name to appear. Be
sure to check out this feature from your provider as there does not
seem to be any uniform industry standard.

Why should you personalize?

people are going to be getting other emails in their inbox. They may be
checking their email after a long day at the office. They may have
their finger poised over the "Delete" key as they sort through their
messages trying to eliminate spam and viruses.

Think about it… wouldn’t you think twice about deleting an email that has your name in the title?

#2: CREATE CURIOSITY. Your messages don’t have to read like a novel.
Keep it fairly short. A few well written paragraphs will do wonders for
your offer. Ask rhetorical questions like, "What if I could show you
how to…." or "What would you do if you had…" and then show them how
to get the answers by either inviting them to your web site or to give
you a call. Be sure to include your URL, phone number, etc… whatever
it is that you want them to use to contact you.

CONSISTENT. You’ve got time. Your autoresponder is going to continue
sending your messages for you automatically. So take the time to remind
them (very briefly) what you told them in your last letter and build on
it with this next message. ALWAYS give them a clear direction on how to
learn more, how to order, how to ask questions, etc… and remind them
that you will be sending another message.

INTERESTING. Try to avoid too much hype. Don’t over exaggerate your
offer, but do let the reader know that you are excited and try to
create a mental picture for them of what their life can be like with
your product or service. Tell them how you can help them achieve those
results and invite them to take action by either visiting your site,
calling, or emailing.

KEY #5: CLOSE THE DEAL. This is worth
repeating… CLOSE THE DEAL! I see a lot of ads and messages that go
out without any clear call to action. Remember, you are in business to
make a profit. No close = no cash.

Double-check your messages to
be sure you are very clear about what the reader should do next. There
is nothing more embarrassing than to find out that your prospects have
been receiving the wrong message from your sales team, so be sure to
test the entire system on yourself.

Your autoresponder can make
or break you as an internet marketer. Invest some time in training your
sales force, assess its performance through tracking and make changes
whenever you see a place to improve.

Today you have learned 5
autoresponder essentials. Use these 5 keys for every autoresponder
campaign you have and you will be on your way to internet success.

Now get out there and market!

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  1. Hello,

    I think your points above are valid. Especially the personalization of the email autoresponder.

    In our experience, the most effetive use of the autoresponder has been initiating the ‘courting process’ for the sales prospect.

    For selling professional services, opening up communication is a key goal to identify client needs and ultimately provide value. The autoresponder serves a dual purpose of taking the first steps in beginning the conversation, and demonstrating the high level of client intimacy in the firm’s service.


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