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Ever wonder what your previous CRM co-workers are up to? With sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, it’s becoming more and more easy to keep in touch with your past co-workers. These sites are great but there’s something they don’t have — ex-employee groups which allow you to network with just your previous co-workers.

The good news is there are companies like Yahoo and Google who have created the ability for anyone to setup groups. In this case, for ex-CRM employees that have worked at places like Siebel, Oracle, Netsuite, and It’s also good source for finding new jobs or connecting with others to hire at your new company.

Here are the alumni lists I’m currently aware of (and a member too). If you’ve got other alumni groups for relevant CRM companies, please let me know and I’ll add them to this list.

  • Join the Siebel Alumni group (with over 500 members) to hear about who’s doing what from ex-Siebel employees. Founded Jan 2003.
  • Join the Oracle Alumni group (with over 4,000 members). The owner will verify your employment history somehow before you can join. Founded Dec 1998.
  • Join the Netsuite Alumni group – Founded Oct 2005.
  • Join the Alumni group – I actually just created this group so there’s no members yet. If you know of any employees, please send them this way. Founded May 2007.

From what I understand, none of these groups are affiliated with their current ex-company — it’s designed for those who have worked at the company in the past at least once before.

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