CRM – 7 Ways to Make Money

Gene Marks from The Marks Group wrote about
Seven Ways to Make Money From Your CRM System. The article talks more about how guys like "Don" or "Harry" are able to keep better track of their quotes or sales leads using a CRM System instead of ways to really increase revenue using CRM.

It’s a somewhat entertaining article written
in a cartoon-like way and better targeted for the novice or small
business CRM user. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed reading it and
therefore pass it onto you.

His seven ways are listed as such:

  1. The Lonely Old Quote – Keep better track of your sales quotes
  2. The Bright Side Of A Lost Sale – Monitor competitive deal losses
  3. Too Few Sales Calls, Too Many Donuts – Is your sales team working hard enough?
  4. Don’t You Hate Looking Like A Dope? – Know all aspects of your customer
  5. Too Few Service Calls, Too Many Donuts – Track the productivity of your service group
  6. Fun And Games With Duplicate Data – Data integrity is key to success
  7. Getting the Word Out with Mass Communications – Setup automatic emails to customers

You can read the full story here.