CRM – Debunking the Myths

HolygrailBeing tasked to evaluate and select a CRM system can be difficult and intimidating. Should I select an in-house system? How about a hosted solution? Your boss depends on you to pick the best solution for your company but you don’t know where to start.

According to Matthew Crook, CEO at SalesCentric, there are 8 CRM myths that should be debunked before your quest for the CRM grail begins.

I’ve included a summary of each of his points below.

1. CRM is too difficult to use

This is the view of many employees. In fact, many people
don’t even know what CRM is so choose to ignore it causing adoption
rates to fall.

2. CRM will make me change the way I do things

Many employees don’t realize how CRM will help them increase
business leads. Make sure
you involve everyone in the process right from the start, particularly
those responsible for entering the data otherwise they will feel left
out of the loop.

3. CRM gives me too much confusing information

The majority of CRM systems are not flexible enough to change. In short, the one-size-fits-all approach fails to take
into account the needs of every individual business.

4. CRM is time-consuming

The most common complaint of CRM systems voiced by sales people
is that they are time-consuming. This can be overcome by using CRM
tools that do not require a sales person to input masses of information
in the first instance if they don’t have enough time at that point.

5. Using CRM frightens me

Companies share similar opinions surrounding CRM. Mainly
concerning employees who don’t want to share their client information.
Statistics will become readily available that make employees more
accountable for their roles.

6. CRM makes me share information I’d prefer to keep to myself

Sales people are well known for keeping valuable information
close to their chests. They are very competitive and don’t see how
sharing information with their colleagues will benefit them. What they
fail to see is the big picture and how by sharing information and
business processes they could in turn be helping their colleagues reach
their sales targets and increase revenues (and therefore individual
bonuses) for the entire business.

7. CRM will solve my business strategy problems

Companies are spending money on CRM software without considering
their business strategy or processes and should remember that CRM isn’t
just about the software.

8. CRM was implemented without my knowledge

How often do you hear a sales manager complain that they haven’t
been consulted in the buying process of a CRM system? If sales managers do not use the
system then neither will sales executives. Without full support from
all users the CRM system will not be used to its full potential and the
business will not see any return on the investment.


Overall I think his article brings up some great points. I’ve heard many people discuss similar problems and can’t quite figure out how to overcome them. After reading this article, you should have a much better idea of how to tackle your CRM fears and obtain the CRM holy grail!

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