CRM the Game?

Entellium just announced it’s going to release a “gamer influenced design” which is intended to create a CRM application that is both rewarding and challenging for salespeople. This new version which is due out in May, is called “Rave CRM“. I think Entellium has the right idea and is definitely thinking outside the box, but a gamer design won’t be the answer.

Isn’t CRM fun enough already salespeople? Umm….no. The only way I see CRM becoming more sticky for salespeople is to do something like embedding fantasy sport scores and myspace comments on their splash screens. That way every morning when they get into work, they’ll have a compelling reason to login in. Why not? They look at them anyhow — might as well make it easier right?

Seriously, here’s a better idea that management would actually approve. Salespeople are competitive in nature and strive to be the top salesperson. Why not take advantage of that and create a leader board listing each and every salesperson in order of total pipeline or revenue generated? No, I’m not talking about the weekly management email — I’m talking about build it right into your CRM system. Make it real-time. Have the sales rep close a deal and quickly click over to the “leader board” page to see if he moved up a notch. Competition is how you turn your CRM system into a game and add to your bottom line.

6 thoughts on “CRM the Game?”

  1. I say “way to go Entellium”. This has sparked some creative thinking in our office as well. Why NOT go a step further and make software more appealing for the users? I used our software on the sales side before I started supporting it and I would have loved to have seen it spiced up, especially if it would have given me an edge on the learning curve.

    The logistics will eventually be worked out (like bandwidth for bells and whistles) but I hope more companies, especially our own, take this concept and run with it.

  2. Yes, agreed Darin. I would also like crm companies to go one step further. It’s actually an easy enhancement that could make a big splash. Imagine if sales people could “customize” their crm interface like Little things like changing the colors, font size, background image, etc could make it go from dull to “check out my crm” screen.

  3. While I agree that you should make software more appealing to the consumer, to go and try to make a game out of the crm? You are trying to take 2 completely different industries and smoosh them together. I don’t think that this will go together very well. I am all up for customization, but to try and do this? Maybe it is the crm companies trying to target the young crowd? Pretty soon we may just see a “Pimp my CRM.”

  4. Yes Brandon, try as some companies might, I just don’t think there’s a way to make CRM fun. Pimp my CRM….hehe let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. 🙂

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