Picking a Sales Force Automation Service

If you have a small or mid-sized business (5+) sales people, you should be using a sales force automation (SFA) system. It just isn’t enough to use a white board as your sales pipeline report anymore. Tracking sales and improving closing rates requires more power than a whiteboard can provide.

Now that the Web has brought about online services, there are affordable solutions for any size business. Web-based services are a perfect fit for the small or mid-sized business. No software to load, nothing to maintain, and no server computers to manage. You can try out most services for a limited time to see which fits best for you.

  • Things to do during your trial:
  • Import your own data
  • Add your own list items
  • Customize the screens/tabs to match your needs
  • Add a few users to test the multi-user aspect
  • Run some reports and setup a dashboard

I’ve kept the list relatively short. Let’s face it; your time is limited so try to hit the main feature points first. Next I’ll touch on each one and why it’s been listed.

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