The Ultimate SFA Guide

There are lots of great articles out there regarding Sales Force Automation but it’s hard to know where to go to find them all. I recently came across and great post at Inside CRM with a list of 100+ links and resources regarding SFA. The article is titled, “The Ultimate Guide to Sales Force Automation: 100-Plus Links and Resource” and lists a ton of interesting items so it’s worth checking out!

The article is broken down into different sections such as tutorials, tools, articles, case studies, and books. For those of you who are familiar with SEO tactics, this article is a prime example of how to create link bait. Putting together a “top 10 or 100” list is a very popular method for creating free inbound links. See, I’ve linked to it which will in turn help Inside CRM rank higher in Google, etc.

Anyhow, check out the article and let me know what you think!

Ancient Perspectives And How They Should Motivate Us Today!

When the Abacus was going through its ‘trough of disillusionment’ in the early accountancy sweatshops of 2007 BC, a visionary Babylonian evangelized to his disenfranchised followers that soon it would be used to establish the true square root of two. He was right and they fell in line behind him. I forget his name now but the answer was 1.4something.

In 2007 AD, CRM projects and suppliers have suffered from comprehensive, public criticism. “Oh, how we have been misrepresented and unfairly scorn-drenched,” the practitioners proclaim. In that case, we should remind those doubters of how powerful these tools are or soon will be…

So what is the CRM equivalent of the square root of two? Continue reading “Ancient Perspectives And How They Should Motivate Us Today!”

CRM 2.0 – Where Web 2.0 meets CRM

Here’s an interesting post I read on the CRM Today site. It’s written by Rick Enrico, Founder, President & CEO, Juice Media Worldwide, LLC.

One of the hottest trends in e-Commerce and retail marketing is the adaptation of Web 2.0 applications like blogs, wikis, video, RSS, widgets and podcasting into the marketing and customer relationship management process. Catching on quickly among enterprises of various sizes and scopes, some simply call this smart e-commerce while others have begun applying a label to it- CRM 2.0.

Building upon the classic customer relationship management platforms and processes, many of these world-leading businesses are actively merging together best of breed Web 2.0 technologies, partnerships and alliances. Their mission is to engage and involve their customer in order to create a truly collaborative customer experience that makes the customer feel as though they are an essential element in the entire business relationship. Continue reading “CRM 2.0 – Where Web 2.0 meets CRM”

Don’t Forget, CRM Is Also Important For Your Customers

Most managers think CRM is a great solution for their company for selfish reasons like being able to share and manage their customer data, pipeline, leads, etc. Those are all good reasons but little do they realize CRM is also important for their customers.

Providing customer service is very important if you want to keep your customers. How many times have you called your bank and been greeted by an automated voice asking you to key in your bank account number? You’re thinking “Great, now I’ll quickly be able to speak with a customer service rep”. Wrong. Usually after the automated voice you’ll have the customer service rep ask you to repeat it. Situations like this frustrate us since the automation process is supposed to save both sides time.

Here’s another example: When I call my cell phone provider I only have to answer a simple question like “what is my mothers maiden name” and bingo, we’re ready to chat about my account. That is how CRM is meant to work — help automate manual processes, allow the rep to know who I am, and speed up the BS.

So my message to call center and sales managers is — Don’t forget, CRM is also important for your customers. Director Launches Sales Machine Blog

I had the pleasure of sitting down with a very talented director yesterday and spoke to him about his experiences at salesforce and what he’s been doing since.

Aaron Ross was a four year veteran at and saw the company grow from 300 to over 2,000 employees. While he was there, he built a $20 million tele-prospecting sales team from the ground up and spent a year in the corporate development (acquisitions and investments) team, helping acquire and launch the AppExchange Mobile and Salesforce for Google AdWords products. Continue reading “ Director Launches Sales Machine Blog”

CRMBlogger Partners With

I’d like to officially announce that has partnered with to offer you complimentary one-year subscriptions to dozens of leading Sales & Marketing publications. Browse through the extensive list of free Sales & Marketing magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts to find the titles that best match your skills and interests; topics include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), call center management, advertising and public relations. No purchase is necessary and all publications are entirely free to those who qualify!

For example, check out great industry rags such as CRM Magazine, B2B Magazine, eWeek, and more. All of them offer a free subscription for a full year! I used to subscribe to many of these and just send them directly to my work address. They are thin magazines with great information to keep you on top of industry news and technology. Perfect reading when you have to “work through lunch” at your desk.

Be sure to check back often, as new titles are continually added to the site. No coupons, credit cards, or special codes are necessary.

Connect With Old Co-Workers – CRM Alumni Groups

Ever wonder what your previous CRM co-workers are up to? With sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, it’s becoming more and more easy to keep in touch with your past co-workers. These sites are great but there’s something they don’t have — ex-employee groups which allow you to network with just your previous co-workers.

The good news is there are companies like Yahoo and Google who have created the ability for anyone to setup groups. In this case, for ex-CRM employees that have worked at places like Siebel, Oracle, Netsuite, and It’s also good source for finding new jobs or connecting with others to hire at your new company. Continue reading “Connect With Old Co-Workers – CRM Alumni Groups”

MS Dynamics CRM Blog

Looking for a good blog about Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Well, the CRM Lady provides some great information in detail including her “shared tips and tidbits from the field on Microsoft Dynamics CRM”.

Having installation issues? How about a conflict with your anti-virus software? CRM Lady knows the answers and her site is a great resource for anyone running MS Dynamics CRM.

Zoho CRM – Affordable On-Demand CRM

Zoho CRMFor those of you who are looking for a cost-effective online CRM solution, I’d like to introduce Zoho CRM. It’s a powerful on-demand CRM system that is very comparable to without the large price tag.

Their site is very easy to traverse and read about their product features. My favorite part is you only need to provide an email address and password to create an account. No long tedious form asking about all sorts of personal information.

Here are some key features: Continue reading “Zoho CRM – Affordable On-Demand CRM”

Write a CRM Review

Ready to voice your opinion about your CRM system? recently launched a CRM review tool where you can share your good and or bad experiences with CRM.

The site claims all reviews will be read and posted within 7-10 business days assuming it gets approved. Once the reviews build up over time, it’ll be a nice way to hear from others so you can avoid common pitfalls or issues with specific CRM systems.