Key Points to Remember After Purchasing CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions are in danger of becoming commodity offerings. Why? Perhaps because the term is used too loosely to describe applications that do little more than record data or perhaps it is because so many applications out there promise to do the same things. And, does plug-in-play really mean that it is that simple?

CRM vendors may disagree with the argument that so many applications offer the same thing. And while many of them may differ on a few key points, the main purpose is to enable the organization to be better equipped to serve their customers. This means different things to different organizations and should be identified in detail before a CRM solution is selected. Continue reading “Key Points to Remember After Purchasing CRM Software”

5 Tips To Optimize CRM Training

Training new customer service reps to use a CRM system quickly is
crucial not just to a contact center or customer service effort, but to
the entire company, as well. Often, a service rep is the first contact
for new customers, or for existing customers who have problems with a
product or service.

Having a new rep stumble through an unfamiliar system is the last thing
a call center manager wants to see or hear. So, what can be done to
help newbie users master your CRM system?

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How to Create a CRM Business Case – Free White Paper

Getting a CRM business case approved can be a tough challenge. Gary Smith has put together a free three page white paper explaining how to define the benefits, business capabilities and
scope of the CRM project in a way that will withstand executive
scrutiny and present a compelling reason to invest.

You can download the free white paper here.

CRM – 7 Ways to Make Money

Gene Marks from The Marks Group wrote about
Seven Ways to Make Money From Your CRM System. The article talks more about how guys like "Don" or "Harry" are able to keep better track of their quotes or sales leads using a CRM System instead of ways to really increase revenue using CRM.

It’s a somewhat entertaining article written
in a cartoon-like way and better targeted for the novice or small
business CRM user. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed reading it and
therefore pass it onto you.

His seven ways are listed as such:

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CRM: Don’t Flop – Start at the Top

It’s widely known that many
CRM initiatives fail, but the major reason for that glitch might be a
bit of a bombshell. In the quest for CRM initiatives, which the
business world realizes have the means to spin client/prospect
management straw into gold, the breakdown generally starts at the
executive level–failure rolls downhill.

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Barriers to CRM Success

Kirstin Johnson was up against more than the average IT director. Johnson, less than a year out of college, had accepted a job in 2004 from Wallace Welch and Willingham (WWW), a Florida insurance company. That summer Johnson’s boss asked her to purchase a CRM system that the company’s two sales teams could work with together on leads and opportunities. Her response? "What’s CRM?"

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Four Obstacles to CRM Success

Many companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and multiple years on CRM deployment projects, only to find they made a bad choice and must start over. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you calculate the true cost of the project, recognize the cost and time issues involved in ongoing customization, be realistic about what the product can do, and be practical when it’s time to deploy.

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8 Critical Steps to Establish a Customer Service Culture

“Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company,” –Erwin Frand

During our recent weakened economy, many businesses have seen declining revenues and declining budgets. Declining budgets often lead to reduced staff levels and diminished services. To me, this does not make sense. I believe that it is during the down times, when service should be at the forefront and retention of loyal customers even more of a focus.

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