Secret of My CRM Success

M&As left remote access provider Tarantella in an information silo trance; a new CEO called on a CRM solution to cast a customer-centricity spell.

Why CRM?
The new CEO who took over our company a little over a year ago decided the way we were doing things was too scattered and that a CRM application was needed. He felt a CRM solution would help solve the problem–in particular, Best Software’s SalesLogix, which he had used at previous companies.

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Twelve Steps to CRM Success

Who better to ask about customer relationship management than users who have been through a CRM rollout? Executives share their advice for a thriving CRM rollout.

To share some real-world experiences, we talked to three IT executives who have successfully implemented CRM software: Craig Berkson, CIO of Thomson Financial’s Portfolio Solutions Group; Ned Liddell, vice president of business applications at; and Christopher Akin, manager of e-commerce at University of South Florida (USF).

Here is their advice for breeding CRM success:

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The Top Five Tips for CRM Strategy

The familiar refrain of CRM failure is a hard one to avoid these days with so many industry watchers pointing to flawed strategies among customers, vendors and consultants as the reasons for an overwhelming lack of success.

Researchers such as Gartner Group and Meta Group have chronicled failure rates of 55-70% for CRM implementations in general, and point to a lack of clear strategy as a key contributor to this dismal industry track record. So, it would seem only rational to turn to these same industry watchers for their answers to the obvious questions that arise out of this: which CRM strategies work, and why?

To find out just what CRM strategies are paying off and why these tactics are the cornerstones to success, SearchCRM tracked down five industry experts for their best advice to the masses. What follows is the first in a three-part series on their top tips for effective CRM strategies.

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