Which CRM Deployment is Right for You?

Oracle White PaperI’m not one to usually plug Oracle (Siebel) products, but in this case there’s a decent white paper available to download for free. All you need to do is fill out a looong form and they’ll email you a link to the report. I’d provide a direct link if I could but you know I legally can’t do that. 🙁 Here’s a description from their page:

Find out if an on-demand service or on-premise application is the right CRM deployment option for your business.

“Certain vendors preach the software deployment model du jour as the only sure-fire path to CRM success before understanding your business requirements. Selecting the right deployment model must first and foremost address your key business problems and challenges, enabling you to meet your strategic business goals. The more you know the pros and cons of each deployment model, the more certain it is that you will embark on a path to CRM success.”

Download the white paper here.

Six Tips for Mobile CRM Success

Mobilecrm_1Mobile CRM is finally catching on — according to this interesting article on CRM Daily about how mobile CRM is becoming more popular than ever and six tips for making sure your sales team is successful.

We all know it’s always been a problem for sales reps and
service reps in the field trying to access their customer and account information.

Here’s a quick summary of Elizabeth’s six tips for mobile success:

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