Don’t Forget, CRM Is Also Important For Your Customers

Most managers think CRM is a great solution for their company for selfish reasons like being able to share and manage their customer data, pipeline, leads, etc. Those are all good reasons but little do they realize CRM is also important for their customers.

Providing customer service is very important if you want to keep your customers. How many times have you called your bank and been greeted by an automated voice asking you to key in your bank account number? You’re thinking “Great, now I’ll quickly be able to speak with a customer service rep”. Wrong. Usually after the automated voice you’ll have the customer service rep ask you to repeat it. Situations like this frustrate us since the automation process is supposed to save both sides time.

Here’s another example: When I call my cell phone provider I only have to answer a simple question like “what is my mothers maiden name” and bingo, we’re ready to chat about my account. That is how CRM is meant to work — help automate manual processes, allow the rep to know who I am, and speed up the BS.

So my message to call center and sales managers is — Don’t forget, CRM is also important for your customers.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget, CRM Is Also Important For Your Customers”

  1. If you write about what managers selfishly think of CRM is because those managers have not been involved in a far-reaching organizational change management process or better said the company did not engage in such activity and just took CRM as a revenue enhancer tool.

    I agree with you that CRM is there to help you as a customer, to make you feel somebody on the other side really knows you, just like when you used to buy your lollypops at the grocery where the owner knew your name. As a result of CRM customers will choose to stay.

  2. CRM is important in many ways, is not ust for B2B o B2C, we can find CRM initiatives at the customer level.
    I Sow in a recent blog how CRM can turn in to CMR (Custormers Manage the Realion) and I think it could
    be great !
    It needs a real colaboration for both sides, but please don´t forget that CRM is important for our customers, and customers are important for CRM.
    Rafael Melo, Jr.

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