Dreamforce 2008 CRM Wrap

Salesforce.com just finished their annual CRM user conference in San Francisco and it was amazing to say the least. I’ve attended almost every year and they continually get better each time. Attendance was close to 10,000 which made it seem more like a large company gathering (which I guess Salesforce.com now is) which was a negative for me.

The Monday night gala was excellent though featuring Foo Fighters live and an open bar. The buffet and assortment of desserts was also delightful especially if you like chocolate. If you weren’t aware, Journey was supposed to play Dreamforce instead of Foo Fighters but for some reason ended up canceling. Lots of people were bummed out but Foo put on a great show regardless!

Something else that I noticed was the plastic badge holders you got once registering. Very nice and professional-looking. In fact, the whole registration process is automated (you check in via their laptops) it makes things quite easy and painless. Times have sure changed and for the better. The only thing I didn’t like was the size and placement of your last name and company. The font was too small so I had trouble reading other people’s company names when speaking with them. Such a minor thing but important when trying to network and read names.

I also noticed the Salesforce.com employees had retractable badge reels for their company badges which I wish my company had. It’s much easier than having to unclip your badge each time you had to scan in. Just another minor observation. I’m not sure which company they used to purchase their badges or reels, but I found one called ID Superstore online and they sell all sorts of things related to plastic ID card printers. It’s important to look professional and this site appears to have good products.

In summary, Dreamforce was a great learning experience and a chance to network with other Salesforce.com users. Admission is a bit expensive but if your company will cover you, it’s well worth the trip. See you next year!

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