Entellium’s eSalesForce Free Product Demo Now Available

esalesforce entellium logoIn my first review of Entellium’s eSalesForce free “test drive” I wasn’t able to actually view their product because a live demo didn’t exist. Since then, Entellium has released a trial without having to speak with a sales rep which finally brings them almost up to par with other CRM vendors who have offered a live trial for years. The reason I say “almost” is because after you complete the registration form you still have to wait for an email before you can begin.

The email contains your free trial login information which you obviously need. This is true actually for most CRM vendors who offer a free trial but what kind of ruined the momentum of my experience was the fact the confirmation page said “We will contact you by email in the next 24 hours” instead of “you will receive an email in the next few minutes”.

Great, what if I’m on a tight deadline and need to have my CRM recommendation slide deck ready to present to the exec team by tomorrow? Time to cross Entellium off the list I suppose. Here’s the actual confirmation page you get after completing the free trial registration form:

Thank you for your interest in Entellium CRM solutions. We will contact you by email in the next 24 hours to set up
your free trial. Getting started is easy—just enter the User ID and Password included in the email to begin your
free trial.

For a head start, you can learn the basics of CRM, or dive into our interactive CRM demo.

If you’d like to speak with us right now, call 1.800.539.9973.”

I have yet to take the trial myself since at the time of writing this post, I still haven’t gotten an email from them. Regardless I will take a peek at their product in the next day or so (assuming I get the login information email) and see how it fares. I recommend you do the same and give their free trial a whirl but be ready to wait a day until you’re back in the office tomorrow before you can give it a try.

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