Jumping Right In – 3 Free CRM Trials

Before investing thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in a new CRM system it’s probably a good idea to test drive at least a couple solutions. Sure, you can read the product feature comparison charts and all the marketing fluff that makes it sound like it’s a perfect solution for you but you won’t know this until you actually try out the system firsthand.

Since most CRM market leaders now provide an on-demand CRM system, it’s very easy to get started. On-demand CRM is basically a web-based application that you login to via your web browser. You don’t need to download, unzip, install, or configure anything — instead you simply fill out an online form with your personal and/or company contact information, set up a username and password, and voila…you’re ready to begin.

Mike Santoro over at ducttapemarketing.com blogged about using the free CRM trials as a tool before making your final decision. He then provides two pieces of advice and lists three CRM online trials you can take advantage of right away. The three CRM trials are from Netsuite, Salesforce.com, and SageCRM.

My advice (especially if you’re currently in the evaluation stage of CRM systems), is to try at least two of the three that he lists and see for yourself which one might work best for you and your company. That way when you later have to speak with management and provide a recommendation on which CRM system your company should use, you can feel confident that you did your due diligence prior to taking action.

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