Scott Jones On The Real Value of CRM

A recent post by Scott Jones in regards to my article "CRM Buying Cost Basics" really hammers home a great point. You can buy the greatest software available but without the right implementation and user adoption, it’s almost worthless.

Scott Jones: David … you make an important point here that my partners over at Accenture and I align with. CRM is a great, enabling technology BUT it is just the technology piece. The technology in and of itself provides little value. The real value lies in how it’s implemented and rolled into to an overall strategy and execution that includes people and process.

Frankly the technology is the least value creator piece of the puzzle. That’s why the services piece will always be the greater cost portion … more value is derived (if done properly) from services than anywhere. I realize that’s a big IF.

I’ve heard from several frustrated Siebel customers that they hate their CRM because it’s so complex and downright slow. This is partially because there wasn’t proper training or education in the product prior to rollout. Like Scott notes, technology is only one piece of the pie and without the right services team driving the project to not only completion but also acceptance can prove to be fatal.

4 thoughts on “Scott Jones On The Real Value of CRM”

  1. Your correct however you have left out the most important part which is the vendors knowledge of the customers business. Most of these CRM companies are generic and feature function focussed vs really understanding the customers business. Without this the value of the product is left completely up to the end user. Companies like Commence Corporation have domain in specific vertical sectors thereby helping the customer maximize the use of the CRM product for their business. The result has been good implementations and bottom line results.

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