Secrets of Successful CRM Practitioners

Here’s a good post I came across on written by Wendy Close.

Enterprises with a successful CRM strategy truly reap the benefits: “Through 2010, enterprises that deploy CRM strategies will return at least 25 percent better financial metrics than those that don’t.”  —Source: Gartner, Inc., “Ten Secrets for Creating a Customer-Centric Enterprise,” by Scott Nelson, VP and Distinguished Analyst, December 2005.

Put your company in that category!  Set aside a few minutes to take stock of your CRM efforts and recharge your CRM strategy. Join us for a complimentary on-demand Webcast ‘Secrets of Successful CRM Practitioners’ including myself as host, Wendy Close, CRM Success Expert; Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst Scott Nelson; and customer Wes Benwick, CEO and CIO of Bennett’s Business Systems.

Listen as we divulge secrets you can immediately apply to your own business including:

  • Four guiding principles for successful customer-centric strategies
  • Best practices in CRM process automation
  • A CRM generational framework for evolving your organization to become even more customer-centric

Download the Secrets of Successful CRM Practitioners Webcast now and get Ten Secrets for Creating a Customer-Centric Enterprise, a Gartner research report by Scott Nelson and the framework used in our Webcast —compliments of The Webcast is about 40 minutes of easy listening packed with actionable advice. It is well worth the time for all those with a keen interest in differentiating their organization with customer-centric strategies. The potential payoff is big.