Six Tips for Mobile CRM Success

Mobilecrm_1Mobile CRM is finally catching on — according to this interesting article on CRM Daily about how mobile CRM is becoming more popular than ever and six tips for making sure your sales team is successful.

We all know it’s always been a problem for sales reps and
service reps in the field trying to access their customer and account information.

Here’s a quick summary of Elizabeth’s six tips for mobile success:

  1. Push, But Don’t Expect PullSmartphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are better for
    receiving information than for extensive input, and they are usually
    best at accessing limited amounts of data. In other words, reps can use
    handheld devices to look up items like customer service call records,
    but they wouldn’t usually input detailed meeting notes into something
    like a Blackberry or a Palm.
  2. Boil Down the InformationCompanies should focus on just the top handful of activities that sales
    and service reps need to do their jobs effectively. Examples include
    account and contact lookups, deal or case information, and follow-up
  3. Extend Beyond Sales RepsWhen considering a mobile CRM initiative for the sales team, companies
    should also think about whether it makes sense to extend CRM capability
    to their service reps out in the field.
  4. Integrate with Other SystemsMobile devices are particularly handy for accessing CRM records and
    checking email, but why stop there? Sales and service reps out in the
    field can check inventory, track expenses, and submit orders with just
    a few clicks.
  5. Make It a Team Play One of the most valuable aspects of mobile computing is its ability to
    connect multiple team members together in real-time, even when some are
    on the road or working in remote locations. Mobile CRM applications can
    be a big help in this area.
  6. Think About Broader Strategy The
    top reason that some companies aren’t deploying CRM on mobile devices
    is because they lack a comprehensive mobile strategy. Companies need to
    teach their reps how to use the devices most
    effectively and also how to tie their newfound mobility back to revenue.

You can read the entire article here.

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