Sugar CRM – How Sweet is it?

CRM Sugar Cube Those of you who don’t know sugar CRM, it is an open-source CRM system. Sugar open source enables sales marketing and support organizations to manage their customer interactions more efficiently and profitably and is intended for both large and small companies worldwide.From what I hear sugar CRM is the best sales tool I’ve seen for free and is great if you have the technical resources to configure it. Even though it’s free and highly configurable I’m still not quite sold on it as a solution for a corporation.

I for one would rather not hassle with setting up your own servers and system architecture internally and I would recommend a hosted solution such as But for those that are looking to keep their infrastructure and systems internal, open source CRM solutions such as sugar CRM could be your best bet.

Overall sugar CRM is rethinking how technology can help companies manage customer relationships. Sugar is the market leading commercial open-source CRM application and delivers a fairly good set of business features right out of the box.

3 thoughts on “Sugar CRM – How Sweet is it?”

  1. I almost agree with everything written in the post above. SugarCRM is a great CRM solution for almost any organization. It is totally configurable and therefore, it will always suit the necessities of an organization. I first was a user of SugarCRM and now also a developer and I find it the best option nowadays, and much more convenient than almost any hosted solution.

  2. Many forget that SugarCRM has a free version (Community Edition) as well as Professional and Enterprise editions both sold as subscriptions via commercial licenses, which includes support, etc.

    More important, Sugar On-Demand offers full service CRM via the SaaS model.

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