AIMpromote – A Lead Management Solution

For those of you who are looking for a CRM product, you’re probably overwhelmed with the number of choices available today. There is a huge range of solutions and most people just don’t know where to start looking. You could pay thousands of dollars and get a top-notch inhouse solution or subscribe to an on-demand solution which is fully hosted and worry-free. The latest player I’ve come across in the crm software game is a company called AIMpromote.

AIMpromote is an on-demand web-based software application to manage the handling of sales leads. It is essentially a CRM, but is focused particularly on handling leads. There is also the ability to sell leads (lead aggregation business). AIMpromote takes a different approach and focuses more on lead management which for some, is plenty. If you check out their crm features, you’ll see most of them are in the sales lead management section which is great when it comes to lead management.

I have yet to sign-up for their trial but when it comes to sales management software, I’d consider evaluating AIMpromote along with other traditional players. Since they are relatively new and they don’t mention the price on their website, I’d first give them a call to find out more details. Based on the screenshots and feature page, it’s hard to decide if it’s worth the investment without knowing more information. Regardless, for a pure lead management solution they might be the exact solution you’re looking for.