The Ultimate SFA Guide

There are lots of great articles out there regarding Sales Force Automation but it’s hard to know where to go to find them all. I recently came across and great post at Inside CRM with a list of 100+ links and resources regarding SFA. The article is titled, “The Ultimate Guide to Sales Force Automation: 100-Plus Links and Resource” and lists a ton of interesting items so it’s worth checking out!

The article is broken down into different sections such as tutorials, tools, articles, case studies, and books. For those of you who are familiar with SEO tactics, this article is a prime example of how to create link bait. Putting together a “top 10 or 100” list is a very popular method for creating free inbound links. See, I’ve linked to it which will in turn help Inside CRM rank higher in Google, etc.

Anyhow, check out the article and let me know what you think!

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